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Tapentadol ER tablets are popular to treat severe to acute pain or neuropathic pain (any pain caused by nerve damage. Tapentadol ER (ER stands for extended-release) is from the family of opioid pain reliever. (learn about the uses of Tapentadol ER for pain relief)

Initially, you can take Tapentadol ER 50mg twice daily (in the gap of 12 hours), do not exceed the recommended dose without medical supervision. Consult your doctor for any changes in the doses. Tapentadol ER is not intended for the management of any postoperative pain. You can buy Tapentadol ER USA to USA to avail of faster delivery services. To get this medicine, you can order tapentadol ER pill cod online. Tapentadol ER is classified as a US DEA and comes under the schedule II-controlled substance.

Uses of Tapentadol ER for Pain Relief

The use of Tapentadol ER for pain relief depends on the condition of the patient. Usually, doctors prescribe this medicine if the pain is acute and uncontrollable with any other pain killers. Postoperative or surgical pain may be relieved by TapentadolER. This drug acts on certain parts of the brain to give you a feeling of pain relief.

Tapentadol ER for pain is used to treat peripheral neuropathy conditions in diabetic people. Tapentadol ER is not recommended for the occasional discomfort, which may fade away in few days as this medicine is extended-release so that it may ease the pain after orthopedic surgery.

How to take Tapentadol ER?

Tapentadol ER comes in the form of a tablet, and it is a long-acting medicine, so it should be taken by mouth. The patient can take this medicine with or without food in the gap of 4 to 6 hours, as recommended by the doctor. Sometimes a doctor may recommend you take the second dose as early as within the one hour of the first dose on the very first day of your treatment. It is highly recommended never to take any extra dose of Tapentadol ER other than the prescribed dose, and it can be life-threatening.

Always talk about your allergic conditions before you start Tapentadol ER. If you are taking any other prescribed or non-prescribed medication, then consult your doctor or pharmacist; Tapentadol ER may not be recommended for treating your pain.

Side effect of Tapentadol ER

Tapentadol ER may cause some side effects during or at the start of the treatment. These symptoms can be moderate to severe, depending on the patient’s medical or allergy history.

Common symptoms-
• You may feel nausea
• Vomiting
• Constipation
• Dizziness or drowsiness
• Dry mouth
• Tiredness

Severe or severe side effects-
• Confusion
• Feeling interrupted breathing
• Severe abdominal pain
• Interruption in Urination
• Sudden weight loss or loss of appetite

Call the emergency medical helpline if you experience any severe side effects like-
• Fainting
• Seizure
• Shallow breathing
• Severe drowsiness
• Rare condition of serotonin syndrome

Take Away

Tapentadol can be good medicine to treat acute or severe pain, but this drug should be taken under strict medical supervision. In case if you experience any side effects, then always consult your doctor immediately. You can buy Tapentadol ER online and use it under the medical practitioner’s supervision.

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